Gopro Hero 3 external microphone

The Gopro Hero3 is the camera I have been using a long time for most of my FPV videos you see on my Youtube channel. For as long as I can remember and since I bought my first Gopro camera(1st edition) I always disliked the formfactor. The major change came with the Session series. A much better formfactor for aerial use with less drag in the wind. It is also better for mounting on motorcycle helmets. There is a noticeable difference between them 2. Too bad Gopro decided to end Session series at Hero 5 level. That means they are becoming hard to get your hands on and to be honest there are not many chinese clones that can compare to this. I got a refurbished Session 5 from ebay and now I can start using the good old Hero3 for other uses like a secondary camera while riding my MTB or motorcycle. It has another major feature and that is that the USB port is accessible and hackable so I can connect external power and external microphone. I have been using this as TV-out on my DIY 250 Quad (See LKTR250 videos)

I now soldered a microphone to a connector and I can now start using that as a VLOG camera and/or comment to things that I happen to see in traffic or out and about.